Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a term for electronic products that have become unwanted, non-working or obsolete, and have essentially reached the end of their useful life.
As per E-waste Rule 2016, the E waste defined as ‘electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part discarded as waste by the consumer or bulk consumer as well as rejects from manufacturing, refurbishment and repair processes.

Benefit of recycling of E-waste

Protects your surroundings

Safe recycling of outdated electronics promotes sound management of toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury.

Conserves natural resources

Recycling recovers valuable materials from old electronics that can be used to make new products.

Helps others

Donating your used electronics benefits your community by passing on ready-to-use or refurbished equipment to those who need it.

Saves landfill space

E-waste is a growing waste stream. By recycling these items, landfill space is conserved.